The Waterfront Café in Seychelles is organising a fundraising activity for well-known local artist Jahrimba on Friday July 30 starting at 6.30 pm.
The owner of the Café, Jenny Couch, told SNA that a special combo will be added to the menu and that there will be a raffle draw and light entertainment in view of the existing COVID-19 restrictions in place on large gatherings.
“Jahrimba came to our establishment as a chef, where he has been working for some time now. Now that he is going through a life changing experience, that is preventing him from taking paid employment, we felt that since he used to work for us, my husband and I decided that we should do something to help him,” said Couch.
Following a sudden illness, Jahrimba had a leg amputation and is still recuperating.
Hailing from La Misere on the Seychelles’ main island Mahe, Jahrimba, whose name is Richard Marimba, is popular on the local music scene with his old school ragamuffin and reggae music.
He has won various awards including Best Male Artist in the Cable Tune awards in May 2017.
Selwyn Bijoux, manager of the singer told SNA on Friday he is happy that the event is being held.
“Even if it is being held for raising funds, it is an event that will help boost the morale of the artist who lost his leg suddenly. Some of his artist friend will be there to give support,” said Bijoux
Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, Couch said that the fundraiser will only be able to accommodate 50 clients at a time.
“Keeping in mind that we will not be able to cater for over 50 people, for those who have bought a raffles ticket, we are taking their contact details so that we may contact them to collect their prizes should they be absent from the cafe at the time of the draw,” said Couch.
The establishment’s management said there are around 20 interesting prizes to be won in the raffles draw.
The drive to raise enough funds for Jahrimba also includes handing him donations they have received from well-wishers.
“We are asking those interested to come and help a fellow Seychellois to do so in a manner that ensures we have a night of clean fun while helping out one of our own,” concluded Couch.

Source: Seychelles News Agency