Seychelles’ Environment Trust Fund has received more than $775,000 (SCR10 million) as voluntary contributions made by travellers to the island nation through the Seychelles Travel Authorisation Platform as of June 2022.
The announcement was made in a press statement from the Ministry for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment on Monday.
Visitors to Seychelles are able to contribute to the protection of the island nation’s flora and fauna via the online platform which provides a system to prove travellers are COVID-10-free prior to their arrival, powered by Swiss company Travizory Border Security.
Data captured via the platform shows that there have been 44,602 individual donations made, with 7,467 German visitors making the most donations. Russians are in second place with 6,151 visitors contributing followed by 5,940 French travellers.

Environment Trust Fund has received more than $775,000 (SCR10 million) as voluntary contributions made by travellers. (Ministry for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment) Photo License: CC-BY    

In thanking visitors for their contributions, the Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, Flavien Joubert, said that “the fund will help finance sustainable environment projects and support projects to build resilience against the impact of climate change.”
The environment is the major asset of Seychelles with the exceptional beauty of its islands and their unique biodiversity and it is for this reason that environmental protection is high on the government’s agenda. 
Tom Marten, managing director for Travizory for the Indian Ocean and Middle East, said, “The Seychelles islands are some of the most pristine in the world, making it a hugely desirable destination for people around the world. It is wonderful to see so many generous visitors, and citizens, contributing to initiatives that protect the natural environment and ensure Seychelles’ natural beauty can be enjoyed for generations to come.”
Marten said that he is particularly proud that Travizory has been able to support local initiatives, and invest in the Seychelles community.
“We are committed to promoting sustainable travel to Seychelles, and globally, and will continue to support initiatives like the Environment Trust Fund for the duration of our time in Seychelles,” he added.
The Environmental Trust Fund of Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, was established as a special fund in 1994 under the Public Finance Management Act. Its objectives are reducing pollution, protecting the environment, beautifying Seychelles and promoting environment education.   

Source: Seychelles News Agency