A Seychellois hairdresser is creating awareness and promoting natural hair and different stylings through a 2019 calendar that showcases Seychellois men, women and children sporting a variety of hairstyles.
Federica Desir, owner of FED Hairdressing salon, said that she wants Seychellois to appreciate their unique natural beauty. This is part of a bigger project where the hairdresser wants to educate and sensitise youngpeople on the need be proud of their physical appearance.
“I want people to embrace their natural hair. There are many ways they can style their hair and I want them to be aware of this. Also I want the society to perceive some hairstyle in a different way,” explained Desir.
“For example when they look at dreadlocks. The way a person choses to wear their hair is a personal choice and it is nothing more than fashion, and if you look all over the world this is a huge fashion,” said Desir, who added that nowadays there are also products for natural hair readily available on the local market.

The owner of FED Hairdressing salon, said that she wants Seychellois to appreciate their unique natural beauty (Federica Desir) Photo License: CC-BY
Desir, a former cabin crew member, said since she was a child she has been fascinated by hair and different hairstyles and the idea of becoming a hairdresser.
Seven years ago, Desir took courses in South Africa and Mauritius to train as a hairdresser. She then opened her salon in Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles – a group of 115 islands in western Indian Ocean.
“The calendar features photos of my clients – all of them with natural hair – and their different hairstyles which they are wearing. All their styles are from the salon,” said Desir, who also keeps her hair natural.
Desir said that the love of natural hair is something that she has grown with. “My father was against us girls relaxing our hair and we were brought up to be proud of same,” recalled the hair stylist.
Kinky or curly afros, locks, braids and twists. They were once considered hairstyles for the poor and unfashionable but are now making a comeback among women all over the world, Seychellois included.

The calendar produced by FED Hairdressing is on sale for $4 (Salifa Karapetyan, Seychelles news Agency) Photo License: CC-BY
“It is the best decision I have ever made with regards to my hair,” said Beryl Alcindor – a client of FED Hairdressing salon – who styles her natural hair as coiling.
Daniella Marie told SNA that going natural is saving her money. “I had reached a point when I realized that I was tired of putting chemicals in my hair. I was tired of sitting for long time at the salon. And realized how much money my relaxed her was costing me” said Marie one went natural two years ago. Marie added that her hair were breaking and was no longer lustrous.
The calendar produced by FED Hairdressing is on sale for $4. “All proceeds will go towards activities where I will sensitise kids on their natural hair and why they should embrace same. I will be working with those from the orphanages and as a treat will be inviting them to the salon for free hairstyles,” concluded Desir.
Calendars can be purchased from Desir at her salon, at St Claire Building in Victoria.
SNA presents several photos featured in the calender (Federica Desir) Photo License: CC-BY

Source: Seychelles News Agency