With the aim of helping women to achieve a higher level of self-care and self-love, a Seychellois businesswoman allowed her passion to guide her in the creation of two body scrubs.
Marketed under the brand name ‘Fasinasyon’ — Creole for fascination — the two scrubs are the brainchild of Marsha Parcou, owner of a rustic café — Chatterbox — on Eden Island.
“It all started with the passion that I have for healthy living. I believe that as a woman, it is important to look after oneself, not only in the way you look physically but also internally. Everything has to be aligned, for a healthy living and a healthy journey. This is the whole idea behind ‘Fasinasyon’,” said Parcou.
‘Macchiato’ is a coffee scrub designed to specifically assist women with skin tightening, exfoliation and detoxification, said Parcou. After continuous use, ‘Macchiato’ will help with cellulite reduction, improve blood circulation and skin elasticity, Parcou said. 

The Macchiato coffee scrub. (Marsha Parcou) Photo license: All Rights Reserved
The second is ‘Revital,’ which is said to help to exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells and skins. With the main ingredient being sea salt, Parcou said that this scrub leaves a person with glowing skin.
“Both products are locally made. I make them myself using coconut oil from Seychelles. The coffee I use is a high-quality Arabica from Italy and the sea salt comes from overseas. When making the scrubs, I put a lot of passion in it because I want anybody who comes across the product to feel this,” she added.
Beryl Eichler, a client who has been using one of the scrubs for about a month, expressed her satisfaction with the product which she uses all over her body, except her face.
“I am using the ‘Macchiato’ scrub and loving it. The effect is long-lasting – it makes my skin so soft even if I’ve used it only once. I plan on using it every two weeks as I have dry skin,” said Eichler.
Another client, Isabelle Larue, told SNA that she still sees a glow in her skin two weeks after using ‘Revital’.
“I usually have dry skin, but after using the scrub, my skin is softer as it helps with hydration. It is a fantastic product and I would definitely recommend it to others,” said Larue.

Parcou is also a health and life coach, providing clients with a six-step programme designed for and targeting busy professional women and working mummies. (Marsha Parcou) Photo license: All Rights Reserved
Parcou shared that she started working on the project last year and was supposed to launch the two products at the start of 2020 but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, that timeframe was disrupted as packaging did not reach Seychelles in time.
Buying directly from the entrepreneur, the scrubs cost SCR350 ($20). The scrubs are available at Concept, a shop on Eden Island, and there are plans to sell them at the Seychelles International Airport.
As a future plan, Parcou wishes to develop an anti-ageing product for women, but at the moment she is working on a body oil that will serve to complement the scrubs. For ‘Fasinasyon’, she plans the creation of a wellness spa.
Parcou is also a health and life coach, providing clients with a six-step programme designed for and targeting busy professional women and working mummies, who are trying to find a balance between their family life, kids, profession and self care.
“This is where I come in. I personally believe that women have the light inside us and hence, the title of my programme is ‘ Shine your inner light’. As a life coach, I always say that I am not a phycologist nor a dietician but I become your accountability partner. If you have a goal to achieve, together we embark on a journey, where I teach you the techniques needed to achieve it,” said Parcou.
The six-week-long programme is carried out either online or face-to-face and focuses on self-love as Parcou feels that this is the basis of accepting oneself for who one is.
Source: Seychelles News Agency