Community development projects that will have an impact on the lives of Seychellois will be a priority for the newly accredited High Commissioner of India to Seychelles.
High Commissioner Dalbir Singh Suhag on Tuesday presented his credentials to President Danny Faure at State House, Victoria.
“There is a large number of high-impact community development projects which are planned under the direction of your government with the high-level joint project committee. I think 32 so far have been identified by the committee and these are projects that are going to better the lives of citizens of Seychelles,” said Suhag.
Seychelles is benefitting from five construction-related projects granted by the Indian government. These include the building of a police headquarters, an Attorney General’s office, a government house, an international convention centre and the Magistrate’s Court. 
Suhag said that work on the convention centre will start at the end of the year, the same time the construction on the Magistrate’s Court will end.
The Indian government has during this year made donations of buses and ambulances to the 115-island nation in the western Indian Ocean.

Discussion between the Indian High Commissioner and President Faure focused on community development projects that will impact the lives of Seychellois. (Louis Toussaint)  Photo License: CC-BY
The High Commissioner also outlined that “defence cooperation between the two countries is excellent and we are providing our assistance to enhance the capability of the SPDF (Seychelles People’s Defence Forces) by providing training and human resources expertise required to enhance its potential.”
More than a thousand Seychellois have been trained under India’s flagship programme — Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation (ITEC).
“We are planning to provide customised training to your elite police force. Last year 88 projects were utilised. This year 90 slots have been offered and if more are required it could be considered,” said Suhag.
On the development of Assumption Island, Suhag said, “The project is an initiative of the Seychelles’ government for the people of Seychelles to improve the security and especially to fight and to prevent piracy, drug trafficking, human trafficking, international terrorism.”
“Whatever assistance is required by the government of Seychelles, my government will provide,” he added.
Seychelles and India established diplomatic relations in 1976, a relationship described by the Indian High Commissioner as excellent and based on goodwill and shared values.
“Our relationship is going to strengthen by the day and my government has entrusted me with the responsibility of strengthening and deepening this relationship. As far as development cooperation is concerned it is one of the strong pillars of our relationship,” said Suhag.
Source: Seychelles News Agency