Seychelles embraced the lotus pose, downward facing dog and cobra pose on Friday as hundreds in the country joined the rest of the world to celebrate International Day of Yoga.
Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices originating from ancient India.
The Yoga Association of Seychelles together with the Indian High Commission organised a breathing and relaxation session to mark the occasion at the Vivekananda Yoga Club Hall located on Mont Fleuri Road.
The chairperson of the association, Adriana Auguste, told SNA on Friday that there are many health benefits that yoga can bring.
“What sets yoga apart from other forms of exercises is that it focuses on your breathing. It can help people who suffer from insomnia as there is the relaxation component. It also has mental benefits as it helps you keep calm and focus better in your everyday life,” said Auguste.
She added that people with asthma and those who suffer from backaches stand to get a lot of benefit from practising yoga.
A yoga enthusiast, Vicky Berlouis, said that she feels more relaxed when she practices yoga.
“For a while, I wasn’t practising and during that time I didn’t feel at ease. Yoga helps me to improve my mental and emotional state, creating balance. I’ve found that my concentration at work has also improved,” said Berlouis.
The one-hour long session, which starts at 5 p.m. local time, will focus on educating participants on the importance of breathing and why it is essential to breathe properly.
The High Commission of India also organised a mass yoga and meditation session on Saturday, June 15 at Palais Des Sports indoor sports complex at Roche Caiman, a central Mahe district.  

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices originating from ancient India. (Thomas Meriton) Photo License: CC-BY
The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles on Friday hosted activities led by resident Yogi Claudia Mosconi and Deepu Kumari. The programme started with a calming mountain meditation session followed by a short hike from the resort to a granitic plateau. This was followed by a 60-minute Awakening Flow Yoga session in a private residence villa led by Mosconi, where the freedom of movement and energy through both the body and mind was the focus.
The afternoon has two sessions and the first is the Pranayama session starting at 4 p.m, led by Kumari, which aims at helping participants focus on breathing techniques designed to de-stress. The day will close at 6 p.m with a Chanting Meditation on the rooftop of the hilltop spa.
In a press communique from the resort, the General Manager, Marcel Oostenbrink, said that “International Yoga Day is a chance for us to encourage everyone to take part in some element of yoga, whether they practice regularly or are complete beginners.”
“Yoga is a key part of the Resort’s spa and wellness offerings and we are fortunate to enjoy a truly spectacular setting in which to practise this discipline  — something we are always keen to share with as many visitors to our Resort as possible,” said Oostenbrink.
Source: Seychelles News Agency