Reggae lovers in Seychelles’ La Digue island will soon be able to enjoy food, music and a drink at the country’s first reggae bar.
Owned by couple Ethel and Lenny Durup, La Digue Reggae Bar is built with an open view using natural materials, painted in the iconic reggae colours red, gold and green.
“La Digue does not offer many entertainment options at night. We foresee the bar as one which has a relaxed vibe and we hope for it to become a hotspot for nightlife on La Digue, with a mixture of tourists, expatriates and locals. It has a decent sized space, making it perfect for mingling and socialising,” said Ethel.
Located at Anse Reunion, the bar features a mural of Bob Marley, the reggae legend.

The bar has a mural of reggae legend Bob Marley. (Ethel Durup) Photo License: All Rights Reserved 
“I’m certain all Seychellois know at least one or two of his songs. We have tried to incorporate both international and local reggae artists in our playlist. Reggae is loved by all ages and is our favourite music too,” said Ethel.
Reggae is a style of popular music that originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s and quickly emerged as the country’s dominant music.
She added that their venture is not just about the reggae music, but “also the lifestyle and culture of reggae – surrounded with love, peace and harmony. It will probably be one of the best reggae experiences on the island.”
Ethel told SNA that the project came to mind while the couple was on holiday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
“We visited a reggae bar and thought it would be an ideal project for Seychelles. Enjoying our food and drinks while listening to soft reggae music, surrounded by friends and family in a friendly game of billiards was probably one of our best vacation memories. Lenny was determined to start his own project on La Digue,” said Ethel.  

La Digue Reggae Bar is located at Anse Reunion. (Ethel Durup) Photo License: All Rights Reserved 
La Digue Reggae Bar will have a cafeteria, which will serve fast food such as pizza, fried food, burgers and sandwiches and drinks. The bar will have its own signature drink, which until now remains under lock and key. It will also have an outside projector, dart, dominoes, chess and will feature regular competitions to keep customers entertained.
“La Digue Reggae Bar will also have a VIP open lounge which will be located upstairs. You get to use it by buying a certain number of bottles and you are served by our waitresses,” said Ethel.
When operations start, the bar will be open on weekends only while the owners analyse how the business will go.
Ethel told SNA that setting up the venture has been a long and bumpy road.
“We did it not by taking a loan but by investing all we had to make it a true success and we are proud owners. Now we need to work on promoting our business and build up a great reputation for it,” she said.
Source: Seychelles News Agency