An online magazine aimed at connecting the island nation and its diaspora by celebrating the achievements of women in Seychelles and beyond is now available online.
Cosmocreole is the brainchild of Jeannine Gilbert-Finnigan, a Seychellois woman, who for the past 18 years, has been living in the United Kingdom with her family.
Gilbert-Finnigan explained that “a Cosmocreole reader is a person who feels at home in Seychelles or wherever she is in the world but has that connection to Seychelles.”
She chose the word combination as ‘Cosmo’ means the world and universe and is part of cosmopolitan – a person who is at ease and at home all over the world. Creole is a person of mixed descendent as well as the mother tongue of the Seychellois people.
The concept and creation of Cosmocreole were driven by the lack of such a magazine in the 115-island archipelago of the western Indian Ocean.

Gilbert-Finnigan wants to showcase great things that Seychellois around the world that are doing with her online magazine (Seychelles News Agency) Photo License: CC-BY
“I have been thinking about it for a couple of years but when the pandemic happened and I was in total lockdown, it gave me more thinking time and a vision of what I really wanted to achieve,” said Gilbert-Finnigan, who is also the editor-in-chief.
“I’ve always loved writing and was a regular contributor to POTPOURRI – a now-defunct lifestyle magazine in Seychelles. People keep saying they miss having relatable content – it’s fine reading other magazines but when the content is close to home or you have a certain connection, it makes it more relatable,” she continued.
Gilbert-Finnigan chose a digital format as she feels that print magazines are dying and costly. 
To start, anyone can get access to all the articles, giveaways and competitions. In the future, as the website is further developed, there are plans to introduce a service where members can get access to premium content, free downloadables such as courses, guides, exclusive newsletter and competitions or giveaways. Free contents will still be available.
Gilbert-Finnigan’s ambition for is for it to be that go-to online platform for Seychellois everywhere, where they can recognise themselves, their experiences and be inspired by others.

Cosmocreole is the brainchild of Jeannine Gilbert-Finnigan, a Seychellois woman, who for the past 18 years, has been living in the United Kingdom with her family. (Seychelles News Agency) Photo License: CC-BY
“Seychellois around the world are doing great things so I want to showcase those talents alongside other regular contents,” she said.
The magazine which went online on July 30, features news, information and inspirational stories relating to fashion, health and beauty, travel, finance and lifestyle.
Furthermore, it features a series called “Young Seychelloise” for young women from Seychelles who are going after their dreams.
“It will provide insight into a diverse range of issues that truly resonate with the modern woman in Seychelles and beyond. We aim to showcase the content from a Seychellois point of view from all corners of the world. We will connect our readers by sharing relatable articles and features to inspire positive living. We hope that the stories we will share will empower, inspire and celebrate the Seychellois woman’s diverse accomplishments globally,” said Gilbert-Finnigan.
Source: Seychelles News Agency