The majority of Seychellois students enrolled in Chinese universities but currently in Seychelles due to the COVID-19 pandemic are continuing their courses online, an official said.
The chief executive of the Agency for National Human Resource Development (ANHRD), Nadia Lauricourt, told SNA that most universities have been able to provide alternate and online platforms where students can still follow their classes and submit assignments on time.
“However, there are few universities who have remained closed for the time being until the situation improves. As such, the practical and lab classes have been postponed to later during the year. There are some cases where students are having difficulties to access the online materials due to internet issues or software implications,” said Lauricourt.
She added that the universities will provide the Agency with official documents to advise her office if there will be an extension in the course duration of the students.
“Students will remain in the country and continue with their studies until they are informed that their respective university is re-opening and they have been provided with approval to travel. The same applies to other students who were studying overseas but returned to Seychelles during or before the crisis started,” continued Lauricourt.
Forty Seychellois students were studying in different provinces in China in various fields this year, including psychology, journalism, business administration and accounting. All the fields are priorities for the country.
“Out of this number, 36 students are currently in Seychelles. However, it should be noted that we only catered for 24 of the 36 students as some students were already on holiday in Seychelles or other countries at the time of the outbreak in China,” Lauricourt told SNA.
The government of Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, made arrangements to bring home 24 of these students when provinces of China started going on lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Lauricourt outlined that the agency is in touch via WhatsApp, email and phone calls with students who are still overseas, getting regular updates on their overall wellbeing.
“Additionally, we work in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs through their Embassies and Consulates that are located overseas who also provide support to the students who are overseas,” she said.
Source: Seychelles News Agency