The Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), the country’s public broadcaster, has opened its archives to the world, allowing subscribers to listen to locally produced music and radio programmes on its newly launched Audio On Demand (AOD) app.
Dubbed ‘Leko’, Creole for echo, the platform can be accessed through either the Paradise FM or Radyo Sesel online apps which can be downloaded on Play Store for Android users and App Store for Apple users.
Launched on May 30 on the occasion of SBC’s Paradise FM’s 25th anniversary, ‘Leko’ denotes the cultural heritage of Seychelles’ past and present that will be echoed in all corners of the world. A person who is already using one of these apps simply needs to update it to get access to ‘Leko’.
The platform offers a balance of retro, traditional and current songs that listeners can tune in at their own leisure and convenience. 
The chairman of the SBC board, Gerard Lafortune, said at the launch that the platform will help to fight against the local music piracy that is keeping a lot of local artists from profiting from their art form.

Aside from accessing music, people will also be able to listen to radio shows that have aired on SBC such as ‘Granmoun I Dir’, ‘Portre’, and ‘Dan Kanton’. (SBC YouTube) Photo License: All Rights Reserved

“Local artists are putting a lot of resources into their work. It is sad to see that some people purchase a CD only to copy and share it with their friends. This kind of piracy is destroying creativity. The application that we are launching today will help fight against piracy because all the music will be available on the archive, which they will be able to access by paying a small fee,” said Lafortune. 
He outlined that SBC will be recording how often a song is listened to and through the Seychelles Authors and Composers Society (SACS), which is a collaborator in the project, some of the revenue collected through subscription will go to the artist to help them continue to create and produce music. 
A subscriber can choose to subscribe for a month, 6 months, or a year. 
Lafortune added that the platform will provide more exposure for local artists as it is accessible globally.
“We know that our Creole music does have a large market within the region. It will allow fans in the region to access the music of local artists, pay a small fee and contribute to their favorite artists. This also applies to other countries outside the region and it will help artists develop and allow them to enter the international music scene,” said Lafortune.
Aside from accessing music, people will also be able to listen to radio shows that have aired on SBC such as ‘Granmoun I Dir’, ‘Portre’, and ‘Dan Kanton’. 

Source: Seychelles News Agency