An Irish chef from the Hilton Northolme Seychelles has come up with sustainable and innovative ways of cooking by creating a whole new gastronomical experience using mostly local produce.
Kevin Coey, who hails from Northern Ireland, met with some curious journalists this month to showcase dishes created with products taken from the Seychelles’ environment.
The Irish chef not only allowed journalists to taste the dishes but also provided a brief explanation of the ingredients he used and how he incorporated them into his dishes.
As the island nation in the western Indian Ocean has a large maritime territory, many of the dishes on the menu came from the sea. The cost of the dishes varies from $15 (SCR 200) to $73 (SCR 1,000).
To start off, Coey presented a succulent lobster bisque mixed with spices and locally grown vegetables. The main course that followed was red snapper carpaccio accompanied by the palm heart, avocado cream, mango and herbs oil. For dessert was the coconut parfait — a locally made ice-cream prepared in a half-cut coconut.

Chef Coey provided a brief explanation of the ingredients he used and how he incorporated them into his dishes. (Seychelles Nation) Photo License: CC-BY
Representing SNA at the presentation, I got to sample the dishes.
The whole dinner was delicious, appetizing and top-rated. My favourite was the dessert especially the coconut parfait which had a longlasting aftertaste. Trust me, one would best savour it on a sunny day at one of our silvery-sandy beaches.
The starter and main course were really special and I could feel the crispy taste of the vegetables in every dish that all was very organic and fresh. It is worth going for any dish if you are looking for a real epicurean adventure.
Chef Coey said he gets his products on the side of the road as they are really fresh and the quality is magnificent. As for the accompaniment, Coey said, “I have my own organic garden at the hotel where we source our vegetables.”
The Irish chef has been working with Hilton Northolme Seychelles for almost five years. Coey started his journey with Hilton Northolme in October 2014 and has altogether worked 21 years for the Hilton group.
Coey has also played a significant role in promoting and training young aspiring to-be chefs.
SNA spoke to Robert Ahtime, whose Panko Breadfruit platter is a signature dish, and was part of the menu to be tasted. 
“I’ve come with a dish that Seychellois usually eat and modernised it a bit,” said Ahtime.
The dish which is made out of local chips, black pudding mouse, pumpkin crème, local chips and ‘bred lanmar’ dressing won Ahtime second place in the recent Hilton Food and Beverage masters cooking competition.
Ahtime said that Hilton has been a place that has allowed him to grow professionally and creatively, adding that “as a young, it takes confidence, passion and dedication to growing in this domain.”
Built on a tiny rocky promontory overlooking a delightful sandy cove, the Hilton Seychelles Northolme Hotel & Spa is a secluded hideaway boasting amazing views of Beau Vallon Bay, as well as North and Silhouette islands. The charm and natural beauty are enhanced with the new world ambience of the hotel, providing excellent service and casual elegance. 
SNA presents a selection of dishes chef Coey presented to journalists. (Seychelles Nation) Photo License: CC-BY

Source: Seychelles News Agency