President Danny Faure on Saturday announced the retirement of Brigadier Leopold Payet, the Chief of the Seychelles Defence Forces.

Payet’s retirement will take effect on January 1 after 41 years of service to the island nation in the western Indian Ocean.

The Seychelles’ President said he will announce a new Chief of Defence Forces in December.

Speaking to officers present on Saturday morning at the Seychelles Coast Guard located at Ile Perseverance, a reclaimed island, Faure thanked the Brigadier for his 41 years of service to Seychelles People’s Defence Forces (SPDF), the country, and the people.

“I believe that it is truly a great honour to have a child of Seychelles who has given 41 years of service to the SPDF and service to their country,” said Faure.

Source: Seychelles News Agency