For the first time since 2017, a beauty pageant will be held in Seychelles, 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean. The organisation Beauty Empowerment Seychelles is hosting a new contest, Miss Seychelles National Pageant.
With days to go before the new Miss Seychelles is crowned on December 7, SNA is profiling the 11 contestants vying for the title. Today we look at Deidrey Roucou.
Hailing from the second most populated islands of the Seychelles, where the unique coco de mer grows in its natural state, Roucou, 19, completed her A level studies at the School of Advanced Level Studies in 2019 where she studied English literature, French and law. 
Roucou’s ambition is to focus on an advanced certificate in biology so that she can pursue university studies in forensic science or veterinary, as she has always been passionate about the ocean, animals, mysteries and crimes.

Another thing that is close to Roucou’s heart is helping those in need. (Miss Seychelles the National Pageant/ Facebook) Photo License: All Rights Reserved 

The contestant grew up with her mother and grandmother and has a sister. Roucou recalls that even as a child she always loved animals and that she would bring home strays that she picked at the side of the road after school.
Bullied throughout her primary school days, Roucou turned to sports. “Practicing sports helped me to gain friends and develop the strength to stand up for myself. During school holidays, I spent a lot of times on the beach, doing excursions, diving, snorkelling or some other sporting activities,” explained Roucou.
Another thing that is close to Roucou’s heart is helping those in need, “be it kids, elders or animals. I was taught to be respectful at all times and bringing back these values is what I hope to achieve. ”
“What if I fall? Oh but, darling, what if you fly!” Is the quote that always motivates Roucou.  

Source: Seychelles News Agency