As part of its ongoing rebranding, Barclays Bank Seychelles will carry out physical changes to the bank next month, including changing the colour scheme from blue to red.
The rebranding started last year after the UK-based Barclays sold Barclays Africa Group Limited to the Absa Group from South Africa.
Seychelles is among the nine countries from Africa still operating as Barclays and the bank’s chairperson, Jean Weeling-Lee, said the full transformation, including the name change to Absa group, will be completed by mid-2020.
The bank welcomed a high-level delegation from the Absa group Limited on Monday to witness the progress made so far, interact with partners and answer queries on the group’s plans for Seychelles for the upcoming brand changes.
The delegation included the chief executive of Absa Group Limited, Rene van Wyk , and the deputy, Peter Matlare. A reception was held at Eden Bleu Hotel on the eastern coast of the main island Mahe.

The chief executive of Absa Group Limited, Rene van Wyk, addressing invitees at the reception. (Thomas Meriton) Photo License: CC-BY
“For me to get that team here, even for a day, is a testimony, a reflection of the commitment, engagement and I might even say affection that the leaders of Absa Group have for the business here,” said Weeling-Lee.
He added that it was important for the leaders to meet with the employees and show their commitment towards them as they go through the transformation period.
Weeling-Lee said the new CEO has a people-centred approach and having the leaders in Seychelles was also an opportunity to interact with various stakeholders especially the customers.
“We don’t want people saying what is so good about us but rather what is bad and where we can improve. We’re asking the customers to tell the leaders what are the challenges they face and from there they’ll know our customers’ needs,” he said.
The rebranding exercise is being carried out in phases since last year and it includes the opening of new centres, new colour scheme, uniforms, Information Technology system and new product roll-outs.
Weeling-Lee says the process has been smooth so far and the bank is on track to carry out the full transformation in mid-2020.
“Most often we are leading on this separation journey because we are the guinea pigs for most of the new systems being rolled out. This could be for two reasons – they trust our project team, and because we are small, it is easier to come in and rectify any problems as soon as they occur. But so far I am very with what my team is delivering”, said Weeling-Lee.
The delegation also met with top government officials including the minister responsible for finance and the governor of the Central Bank of Seychelles during the one-day visit.
Source: Seychelles News Agency