The dedication of the staff and the uniqueness of La Cigale Estate, a nine-bedroom colonial style family private estate at Cote D’Or, Praslin, contributed to the establishment winning the Special Award of the first-ever ‘Lospitalite – Lafyerte Sesel’ award, according to the general manager Maxime Rachel.
“It is an amazing feeling to be recognised as such, considering there are many other properties in Seychelles. What is wonderfully rewarding is that the team at La Cigale Estate, comprising 95 percent of Seychellois, has proven that local talents are able to set the bar high both in product and service delivery which is expected of a property of such a standard,” Rachel told SNA.
‘Lospitalite – Lafyerte Sesel’ – [Creole for ‘Hospitality – the Pride of Seychelles] is a Service Excellence Programme launched earlier this year by the Tourism Department. Its aim is to bring about a change in people’s attitudes and perceptions of customer service.  

General Manager Maxime Rachel received the Special Award of the first-ever ‘Lospitalite – Lafyerte Sesel’ award. (Maxime Rachel) Photo License: All Rights Reserved  

Held on October 1 during the 2022 tourism week, the award ceremony recognised the best tourism businesses and employees. Tourism businesses could register themselves under different categories and nominate their best staff members.
Accommodating up to 18 guests, La Cigale Estate which sits on 4.5 acres of beachfront land was opened in November 2021 and prides itself in being an ultra-exclusive establishment.
Rachel said that aside from the dedication of his 22 staff for the delivery of heartfelt Seychellois hospitality, the architecture, the unique brand positioning of the estate, and the services offered have all contributed to the win.
“All in all, our unique concept focusing on every space for our guests’ enjoyment, and every encounter abounds with authentic Seychellois hospitality is the key to our winning strategy which celebrates Seychelles’ rich culture and traditions and the estate as a unique concept in itself catering to the high-net-worth individuals,” continued Rachel.   

The architecture, the unique brand positioning of the estate, and the services offered have all contributed to the win. (Maxime Rachel) Photo License: All Rights Reserved  

Diana Quatre, the tourism department representative responsible for the programme, said that the Special Award is one that provides recognition to a nominee that stands out significantly compared to others in its field.
“It is not guaranteed every year, however, should the high-level committee or the assessors feel that this merits a grander measuring, it will be awarded. In the case of La Cigale Estate, when our assessors conducted routine visits there, they pointed out that the product stood out in terms of what was being offered, the quality, and the structure itself. It differed greatly from others in the small hotel category,” said Quatre.
Next year, La Cigale Estate will compete again in the small hotel category and Rachel said he and his team will continue to reinvent themselves and be creatively different in the service offerings to further create memorable authentic Seychellois hospitality at its purest.
“We have set the bar high and we will continue to push ourselves to do better as we strongly believe in the ‘kaizen’ philosophy of doing things,” he ended.
In the kaizen philosophy, which is a competitive strategy, all employees work together to create a strong culture of constant improvement.

Source: Seychelles News Agency