An ongoing art exhibition in Seychelles’ capital city of Victoria is aiming to explore the way of life, sights and sounds as well as the culture of the islands through foreign eyes, encouraging a local and a foreign artist to forge a partnership.
The event at the Kaz Zanana Art Gallery is showcasing the work of renowned Seychellois artist Georges Camille and Christian Pearson – also known by his street name Sumo – from Luxembourg. 
Held under the theme ‘Ansanm’ or ‘Zesummen’, which means together in each of the artists’ languages, the exhibition is showcasing the union of two distinct and artistic endeavours, pushing the boundaries of their artwork.  

The exhibition is being held under the theme Ansanm’ or ‘Zesummen’, which means together. (Jude Morel) Photo License: CC-BY  

“A simple world reflects the nature of the work in two languages and also symbolises the friendship between the two nations. Being the most renowned and representational artist figures in their respective countries, George and Sumo tapped into the trend for art crossover creating interactive and conversational art pieces with their symbolic features,” Shirley Yu from the art gallery told SNA.  
Yu added that: “This pioneering ‘art crossover’ programme was conducted during Sumo’s stay in Seychelles for the last three weeks and his first-time visit to the island nation.” 
According to Yu, the idea to have a joint exhibition was initiated by the honorary consul of Seychelles in Luxembourg, Butz Welter. The two artists had never met before their collaboration in Seychelles but both are friends with Welter. 

Pearson’s colourful paintings with regressive tones are savoured like delicious multicoloured candies that cannot leave one indifferent. (Jude Morel) Photo License: CC-BY  

Christian Pearson, is a key figure of contemporary art in Luxembourg. “His colourful paintings with regressive tones are savoured like delicious multicoloured candies that cannot leave one indifferent. For twenty years, without respite, Sumo has been painting as he breathes, refining his artistic concept from the wall to the canvas,” explained Yu. 
Yu, who is also associated with the Seychelles Arts Foundation which also facilitated this joint exhibition, added that the artist from Luxembourg “tends to create his pictorial field in the inexorable march of time. He documents it with a plethora of dots, patterns and shapes representing a moment. Sumo’s paintings can be understood as a visual diary, dynamic, full of musicality, positive energy and colours.” 

Camille said this collaboration should be undertaken more. (Jude Morel) Photo License: CC-BY  

Camille, who is one of the most renowned fine art artists in Seychelles, said that such initiative “should be undertaken more, whereby local artists team up with foreign artists not only to build partnerships and share experiences but to also get them to interpret Seychelles through their art.”  He added that there are plans, though not yet finalised, to have a retrospective exhibition in Luxembourg in 2023. 
The contemporary and collaborative art exhibition is open until November 25. 

Source: Seychelles News Agency