The public had the chance to sample and buy a variety of fish products developed by the Seychelles Fisheries Authority (SFA) on Friday, an effort to encourage people to consume more fish and related value-added products.
Made from four fish species — trevally, job, tuna and captain — fish products such as burgers, fingers, cakes, balls and nuggets were among the products for sale. Dog owners could buy food for their canine friends.
Made by the authority’s development chef using local ingredients, the value-added products varied in price, starting at SCR20 ($1.10) up to SCR45 ($3) per packet. Dog food was being sold at SCR15 ($0.90) per kg.
A customer at the bazaar, Isabelle Quatre, told SNA she learned about the event through her son who works at the Authority.
“I was interested to see what was on sale, so I came down. I find it all quite interesting. I even got the chance to taste some and they are good. The prices are also reasonable and affordable, and it was worth coming down to the event,” said Quatre.
She added that the packaging were properly put together and that she wishes to see the products in retail shops.
The first held by the authority, the bazaar was also an opportunity to inspire local investors as it showcased different possible value-added products that businesses can venture in and make available on the market.

The bazaar was an opportunity to showcase different value-added products made from fish. (Salifa Karapetyan, Seychelles News Agency) Photo License: CC-BY 
“The more available fish and added value products are made, its convenience, accessibility, good packaging and marketing then the more likely of an increase in the consumption of fish among the Seychelles population,” said Margaret Ally, the senior development officer in the postharvest and value addition section of the authority.
She added that having local investors venture into such businesses will also allow the creation of products that have their own distinct Creole taste and can be consumed locally and potentially exported.
As the bazaar was organised during the COVID-19 public health emergency, SFA ensured, through the presence of security officials, that the public was abiding to the norms set by the Public Health Authority.
“At the entrance all persons were required to enter their names, sanitise their hands and their temperature was taken. To minimise contact, SFA officials were the only one with access to the freezers to remove products,” said Ally.
The number of people allowed inside the car park of SFA, where the bazaar was held, was also controlled and people had to wear a mask.
SFA plans to organise more bazaars in the future.
Source: Seychelles News Agency