More than 25 artists in Seychelles came together to exhibit their work to celebrate the fifth anniversary of ‘Noular Sesel’ (Seychelles Arts) in an exhibition that opened last week.
Coinciding with and kicking off the Creole Festival, the exhibition at the International Conference Centre is showcasing over 30 pieces from artists such as Nigel Henri, Allen Comettant, Frances Chang-Him, Leon Radegonde and Martin Kennedy. Some of the exhibit pieces are available for sale.
The brainchild of Colbert Nourrice, ‘Noular Sesel’, is a local art agency that helps all Seychellois artists practising different art forms, to seek marketing and sales opportunities for their work locally and internationally. It was launched in October 2014.
“During the past five years ‘Noular Sesel’ has not organised any major exhibition. I felt that it was important to put together an exhibition that would bring together artists dong different art forms,” said Nourrice, who is a visual arts artist, specialising in painting with acrylic on canvas.

The exhibition at the International Conference Centre is opened until October 30. (Salifa Karapetyan) Photo License: CC-BY
Nourrice explained that during the past five years, he is satisfied with the fact that he was able to bring together different artists who now have established confidence in the work that the agency does.
The launch of the exhibition, which will be opened until October 30, included poem recitals and live music performance. Nourrice said he also wanted to integrate Creole books and the works of local singers into the exhibition.
“I like the balance that there was in the opening of the exhibition — a little bit of poetry to start the opening, then we went to the exhibition and which was followed by music to entertain the crowd,” said Doris Nourrice, who attended the launch.
She added that it would have been “better if it had been done on a bigger scale where the member of the public could have come on the same platform and appreciate the work on the same day the opening was done.”
Another invitee present at the opening, Mathilde Crochet, said: “The exhibition is quite interesting as it showcases a panorama of artwork from artists here in Seychelles.”

The exhibition is showcasing over 30 pieces from artists such as Nigel Henri, Allen Comettant, Frances Chang-Him, Leon Radegonde and Martin Kennedy.(Salifa Karapetyan) Photo License: CC-BY
“There are different styles and inspirations within the exhibition. I find it as a good initiative that Colbert Nourrice is celebrating the first five years of the existence of ‘Noular Sesel’ and it is in a way setting the wheels of the agency into motion again,” said Crochet.
 “The past five years represents the foundation of the agency. We expect to see other artists, especially the younger ones, to come and give a helping hand to ‘Noular Sesel’. It would be great to have a management team as well, as for now, I am the one doing everything,” said the organiser.
Talking about the future of ‘Noular Sesel’, Colbert Nourrice said that they are currently creating a website where artists will be able to sell their work online. He hopes that with the launch of the website, artists will also get international exposure, eventually creating the path for regional and international exhibitions. 
Source: Seychelles News Agency